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XR Nitrox

What's it all about??
The bridge between recreational and technical diving is narrower than ever before! XR programs are designed to allow you to “extend beyond the recreational limits” without dramatically changing your diving philosophy. XR programs simply enhance and build upon your existing knowledge, skills and experience. They are taken like a regular SSI Specialty, and can be credited toward your Advanced Open Water or Master Diver. The training will provide you with the skills to dive safely and with added confidence, giving you the tools to complete limited decompression. This is the chance you have been waiting for to discover new horizons. We understand decompression is no longer a taboo word, it’s a tool that when used correctly can allow you to experience much more of the underwater world. Ask your SSI Dive Center or Dive Professional about the XR programs, you’ll be glad you did! A whole new world full of adventure and fun is waiting for you! Extended Range Nitrox This program qualifies you to dive to 40 meters using nitrox mixtures of up to 50%, and 15 minutes of back gas decompression using a one stage decompression gas. The program can be completed wearing your standard total diving system, a large cylinder with H or Y valve or even a full twinset, or Sidemount. So if you want to stay at that special spot for a little longer than usual -this is the Course for You!   replique montre replique panerai replique montre Orologi replica svizzera Orologi replica svizzera Orologi replica rolex

What do I get?
Decompression Theory Configureation Pool Sessions 4 Open Water Dives All Gases Final Exams & Certification replique montre replique panerai replique montre Orologi replica svizzera Orologi replica svizzera Orologi replica rolex

What extras do I get?
You need Your Total Diving system. With a 15L Cylinder Need a Stage Sling -Ally 80 Preferably. Sling Regulator. Torch & Slate SMB & Reel
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What is the cost?
Material Cost: R 899.00
Course : R 4450.00
TOTAL: R 5349.00

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