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Deep Diving

What's it all about??
This course will allow you to go places other divers do not go, see things other divers do not see. You will understand the effects of breathing gasses at depths, planning deep dives and safety procedures for deep dives. How and where to carry spare air either as a sling or by creating a safety station. You will learn to dive up to 40m deep with an internationally recognized accreditation. Course Includes: Theory & Exam 4 Open water Dives

What do I get?
Included in the course is all Hard Gear (BCD, Cylinder and Regulator) As well as dive computer rental for the duration of the course. The cost of airfills, tuition and certification fees is also included. All accessory equipment is also included.

What extras do I get?
You will require at least your own soft gear for the course. It is always best to have a complete Total Diving Systems as it aids with gaining comfort and proficiency&a
When and Where is this course next?
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What is the cost?
Material Cost: R 799.00
Course : R 2400.00
TOTAL: R 3199.00

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